Thursday, January 10, 2013

Very big news for our little fishies

Life is never certain - our fish should know that by now!

We have found our new home - on four acres. Happily, it is "home" in Canada. Sadly it is nowhere nearby. Also sadly, we will have to take apart our now-seasoned aquaponic operation and start over. That is going to feel terrible to tear apart all that we created, all that's growing, all that growing potential! Sigh. At the moment, the greenhouse is dormant - things look the same as they did in November. Well, some things are growing slowly. I expect by the end of February, with the lengthening days, it will burst into growth again.

We won't abandon our fish - we'll find a fellow aquaponic farmer to adopt them. And hopefully the tanks and grow beds as well. Anybody want to start a backyard system? Now would be the time. We'll take all the things we can use with us to start our new system. We are believers!. We've seen how and what it can grow. Our new system will be in a warmer greenhouse, heated if necessary, with solar panels to heat the water for the fish, propane back-up, and lights for the winter. We have learned so much here. Thank you, Hunt Academy. :) We will take our knowledge with us and start a new system. Powell River, and possibly Comox and Courtenay can look forward to greens and herbs year-round.

The really really cool part is, we get to start our new adventure with my sister and her husband! We feel so grateful and blessed! Thank you everyone, for your good wishes, and your prayers. I'll post again when we start building our cool new greenhouse!